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A digital agency that saves you time

CityTech doesn’t just design beautiful websites with elegant user experiences that drive high conversion rates. Our ongoing support structure is designed to keep your site operational 24/7.

What does CityTech’s website support look like? Minimal downtime, change requests administered fast, ongoing mobile optimization, and that’s just to name a few features. Our focus is to keep your website running in top form so you can focus on growing and expanding your business.

Don’t settle for a template website service that offers no customer support! Partner with CityTech and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your site is in the hands of a world class IT team.

Web Design, Done Right

“Your business is premium. Your site must reflect that.”

Fully Custom Web Design

Custom, modern and stunning design that completely conveys your brand's elegance. That's the way to spot a premium site among a sea of cheap ones. 

Enhanced Security

Data security is serious business and we take it as such. Our configuration meets the latest security and cryptography standards, keeping you and your clients protected. 

100% Mobile Responsive

Mobile-responsiveness is a must when we develop our websites. The end product is always compatible with all devices on the market, on any screen, under all available browsers. 

Easy To Use CMS

You'll be able to easily modify your website's content. In case you need anything more complex, our friendly support team will be there to assist you. 

SEO-Friendly Content

SEO-optimized from the very start, you can be sure that your website will be easily found by search engines without the need for any extra configuration. 

Third Party Systems

Modern websites are integrated to more systems than ever before. Custom APIs, Social Media, CRM systems, to name a few. We can assist you with all of that. 

Lightning Fast

“We strive for optimal website speed and efficiency”

The speed with which websites load is crucial for various engagement parameters such as CTR (Click-Through Rate), Bounce Rate, and the time a user spends per page. All these are bound to SEO status and ranking, user experience and customer conversion rate.

For each site we build, we spend additional time optimizing it for speed. Page loading times are affected by a variety of factors through the whole technology stack. Once your site is live, we’ll make sure it loads as fast as possible by applying various advanced optimization techniques, so your business can provide the stellar online experience your users deserve.

Our Offers

A bespoke offer awaits you


We built our startup offers around affordability. The stock themes we provide will generate enough value to launch your website at a good pace from the very beginning. This package is not only affordable, but you you can also rest assured you have both a jump start and the reliable support and expertise to keep you going each month.


The Premium offer is our unique proposition for you. Your website will be made in total accordance with your brand, representing its identity in the way it deserves. We will subsequently support you in building and configuring every bit of it, performance & security included. The Premium offer is for businesses who value their online identity highly and require a unique and fully custom design. 


Enterprise businesses needs go beyond a beautifully created company website. They need custom functionalities such as CRM integrations and connections to external API systems, which are custom software components that require programming intervention. This will not be a problem for us. 



Because we care about what we do

Premium Hands-Free Support

Website creation is just the beginning, as it's the subsequent effort, care and support that generate the real results. You can relax and enjoy the premium support we have in store for you.

Easy Communication

Technology is usually an unfamiliar realm to most, but communication doesn't need to be. We convey all technicalities in an easy to understand form, as we are aware of the importance of seamless communication in any B2B relationship. 

Latest Design & UX Trends

We are in love with beautiful aesthetics, and that's why our web design agency constantly monitors the latest UI and UX trends on the market. By working with us, you can always be sure that your website will have excellent user experience.

State of the Art Technology

Following the latest technological trends is hard, but we specialize in the field. The best of website development practices, lightning fast hosting services and speed optimization. We will deliver more than your expectations.

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Is it a simple site for your new agency, or maybe you are after a corporate web portal to better represent your identity? Call us regardless. We will make it worth your while.

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