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CityTech - Technical Support Services

Technical Support & Consultancy

Your long-term technical partner

At CityTech, we know that creating an outstanding technological solution is only part of the equation. Successful businesses are built around people, and in order to prosper, you need a reliable long-term technical partner to help you cope with the various IT related problems you run into.

Our premium packages include monthly support for you and your team, stand-alone technical support on demand, as well as any kind of IT consultancy to help you optimize the productivity of your business.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Let us help you focus on what’s important.

15 Years in the IT industry

Our support is just better

At CityTech, we don’t aim to provide just run-of-the-mill support you’d get at most places. We always offer proactive advice, presented in the most simple and understandable way.

How do we do that? Simple – with 15 years of well-rounded experience in all areas of the modern IT industry, software engineering, digital marketing and gorgeous UI & UX development.

Now, imagine all that expertise in the form of easily accessible monthly packages, or on demand. That’s exactly what we offer.

Quality Support

Premium Assistance

Premium Monthly Support

Month by month technical support for your business. Website and IT infrastructure maintenance, hands free for you. 

Technical Support On Demand

One-off technical support for your team. All kinds of technical issues, hassle-free remote support, billed hourly. 

Technological Consultancy

Proper IT advice and consulting is at the center of optimizing your business processes. Let us help you choose the right direction. 

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