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SEO, Done Right

SEO is not an easy game. But we know how to play it

Keyword & Market Research

Proper keyword and market research is the first and most important step in every successful SEO project. We always walk the extra mile here. 

Constant Keyword Tracking

We monitor all of your keywords daily, carefully analyzing the rank fluctuations and adjusting our execution according to the data we receive. 

On-Page SEO Audit

The second step is to make sure your site is properly optimized and ready for SEO. Before we give you a quote, we analyze your site's structure and prepare a report. 

Link Profile Audit

Analyzing your site's existing link profile allows us to choose the strategy and link building approach that will give you the best results in the shortest period of time. 

Natural Link Building

The methods we use are fully organic, 100% white hat SEO techniques, based on a relevant niche and specifically tailored for your business. 

Fully In-House

Most providers outsource their SEO services. We don't. Our team is 100% in-house and our approach is based on nearly 10 years of expertise. 

10 Years of Expertise in SEO

The value we bring to your business

In 2018, SEO is more complex than ever. With hundreds of ranking signals, a successful SEO project requires a well-coordinated campaign executed on multiple fronts.

In addition to that, Google are constantly trying to improve their spam prevention algorithms and remove low quality links from their databases. Unfortunately, most of these links are how cheap SEO companies operate.

We, at CityTech, have nearly 10 years of experience in successfully ranking websites. We’ve survived through all the recent Google algorithm updates and we’ve made our conclusions. What we do is quality, and when working with us, you can be sure that your project is in the right hands.

CityTech - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Benefits of SEO

The value SEO brings to your business

SEO is about increasing the organic rankings of your website. It takes more time to spin up initially, but once your site starts ranking, you get much cheaper traffic for more keywords than you could ever get with a paid advertising option like AdWords.

Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy and the results are often described as “the snowball effect”. If properly executed, your site starts to rank for keywords you didn’t even imagine people were searching for, forming tens and hundreds of keywords with different volume, all generating targeted traffic to your site.

Before sending a bespoke offer, we always perform a thorough keyword & market research to give you an idea of the extent of impact SEO would have in your niche.

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