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medical Web Design Services

Beautifully crafted medical websites

The greatest priority for every medical website is to communicate the right information in a simple manner, inspiring trust and confidence in your medical practice. Simple, easy to navigate web design makes it easy for your patients to find the information they from their physician, reducing the burden on your shoulders.

CityTech is here to help! Once we build the perfect site for your medical practice, we’ll also monitor it, resolving any issues that may appear in the future so you can focus on your patients.

Let CityTech see to the web side of your practice. You and your patients won’t be disappointed.

Designed for Doctors & Physicians

“High-Quality web design for your medical practice”

Custom Medical Web Design

Fully-custom, modern and unique design that is created with your expertise in mind. No better way to make a website stand out when compared to its cheap counterparts. 

Enhanced Security

Data protection should be taken seriously. That's why we keep yours and your patients safe by using the latest trends in data security with our additional configurations.

100% Mobile Responsive

We know how to make a website compatible with all mobile devices on the market. No matter the browser, screen resolution or any other mobile specifics, rest assured that your site will look gorgeous everywhere.

Advanced CMS

Editing the text and content on your website will be easy. Whenever you require more advanced changes, our top-notch technical support will be there for you.

Content That Is SEO-Ready

The content on our sites is SEO-optimized from the start, so finding your medical practice office on the search engines will be completely hassle-free, no additional tweaks necessary.

API Integrations

Today's websites are integrated with all sorts of software systems, such as CRMs, custom APIs and social media. We're ready to assist you with all of that.

Lightning Fast

“Our websites provide the efficiency and speed”

How fast a website page loads is crucial for key metrics such as Click Through Rate (CTR), time on site and general customer conversion rates. Good SEO rankings also depend on the speed your site loads with when requested by a visitor.

For each medical & healthcare site we build, we spend additional time optimizing it for speed. Page loading times are affected by a variety of factors through the whole technology stack. Once your site is live, we’ll make sure it loads as fast as possible by applying various advanced optimization techniques, so your medical office can provide the stellar online experience your patients deserve.

Our Offers

Let us prepare an offer for you


We know how to make an offer that fits your budget. It will give you a good starting value to create a stunning healthcare website with the help of our existing designs. Rest assured that this cost-efficient package will get you running in no time and back you up with our premium support and expertise on a month by month basis.


You just can't go wrong with our Premium offer. Your website design will fit the vision for your new practice, presenting you in the way you deserve. All setup, configuration, digital security, as well as website performance optimizations will be carried out by our expert technical team.


When it comes to bigger organizations like hospitals and clinics, a website is only the first item on a huge list of requirements, followed by external API integrations, CRMs, and seamless custom implementations. Sites like these need a lot of custom programming. Fortunately, we're not only experts in design, we're experts in technical integration as well.

What Our Clients Say

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Premium Hands-Free Support

“Beyond building you a beautiful website, we will also support your business through our amazing customer support. A website’s work is never done, and neither is ours.”

Easy Communication

Should communication suffer because of complex technology and its countless aspects? Absolutely not! Let us translate all the technical details for you and ensure excellent communication with the end goal of creating a top quality web experience for your customers.

Latest Design & UX Trends

Design elegance is our main goal. In order to achieve it, we follow the latest design trends closely and strive to integrate them in our projects. Hire us and we'll give you an easy-to-use, conversion-optimized killer-UX creation that will give your clients the reassurance they're looking for.

State of the Art Technology

Specializing in a field where keeping up with the latest trends is mandatory can be challenging, but we've managed so far. Advanced website development techniques, powerful hosting, top speed optimization practices. That's what you'll get from us.

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Whatever your website needs, regardless if it’s a clinic or a small doctor’s office that awaits to be put on the map of the internet, now’s the time to call. We won’t disappoint you.

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