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Dental Web Design Services

Beautifully Crafted Websites for Dental Practices

The best websites for dental practices communicate professionalism, warmth, and most importantly, trust. This is done through a site that is simple yet informative, easy to navigate yet complete, with an aesthetic quality that demonstrates that you care for your practice and your patients.

Whether you’re looking to grow your practice or just to update your website, choose an IT partner that can deliver on creative vision, functionality, and customer service. Choose CityTech

CityTech will build, optimize, and monitor your site in order to deliver an excellent experience for both you and your patients. And with the online aspect of your business off your shoulders, you’ll be free to focus on your patients instead of boring and complicated tech stuff.

Let CityTech take your web presence to the next level.

Web Design, Done Right

“Exceptional Quality Web Design For Dental Practices”

Custom Dental Practice Web Design

We provide completely unique websites designed exactly to your technical and aesthetic specifications. No custom need is too complicated for our dedicated in-house design team.

Enhanced Security

We understand that protecting patients’ privacy is incredibly important. That’s why our sites come with state-of-the-art data protection and security protocols that complement HIPAA.

100% Mobile Responsive

No need to worry about your website’s mobile responsiveness and performance. Our websites look great and perform well on smartphones and tablets of any make, model, and brand.

Advanced CMS

If you choose to make your own changes to your website, it will be easy with our user-friendly backends. If any changes are too complicated, we’ll always be here, ready to help.

Content That Is SEO-Ready

You’ll have no need to worry about Search Engine Optimization as all of our sites come SEO-optimized from launch. Finding your practice on popular search engines will be easy.

API Integrations

It is quite common for healthcare related websites to require the implementation of 3rd party software like patient management systems, CRMs, social media. We can help with all of these.

Unbelievably Fast Websites

“CityTech websites are optimized for speed and efficiency”

It may come as a surprise, but a website’s loading speed is one of the most important factors a search engine uses in determining where a site will show up in search results. In addition, it is often cited as a major component when assessing a customer’s satisfaction with a website.

Every website we build for our clients in dentistry are made with speed in mind. We optimize every facet of a site’s design in order to deliver the fastest experience possible from day one. You will see the difference in customer satisfaction and new patient conversions.

Let us build you a website that will leave your competitors in the dust.

Our Offers

“Unique plans to fit your unique business needs”


Our Start Up offer is an intro-level plan that’s big on value. Instead of building you a site from scratch, you can choose a design from our dozens of templates. Once you find a design you like, we can make sure every other component fits your needs.


Our Premium offer is a great value. We’ll design you a 100% custom website that meets your tech and design specifications. Your new custom site will include our blazing speed optimizations, top-of-line security measures, and attentive customer service.


Our Enterprise level offer includes a fully custom site and all of our expert optimizations. Additionally, our Enterprise level includes any complex 3rd party software integrations your new website requires, backed up with our premium tech support.

What Our Clients Say

It’s Easy To Work With Us

“Because Our Mission Is To Be Your One-Stop IT Solution”

Premium Hands-Free Support

We pride ourselves in making customer service our top concern. Call us if you have any questions or technical issues. Once we hear from you, we’ll work tirelessly until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction.

Easy Communication

Great customer service requires great communication. We’re not here to confuse you with boring tech stuff, we’re here to make sure your concerns are addressed and you have information to make informed decisions.

Latest Design & UX Trends

Web design is our passion. We not only build sites with sophisticated technology, we build sites that are beautiful, engaging, and easy-to-use. Rest assured that a website from us will never go out of style.

State of the Art Technology

We obsessively follow new technological advancements in web design and implement them in our sites. Making sure that all of our sites are always meeting the ever-growing demands of a complex internet ecosystem.

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Whatever your website needs, regardless if it’s a clinic or a small doctor’s office that awaits to be put on the map of the internet, now’s the time to call. We won’t disappoint you.

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